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      Waterborne PU for PackagingWaterborne PU for Shoes

      Waterborne PU-KY9523

      The surface of this KY-9523 is embossed sheep, suitable for electronic packaging, glasses box packaging, gift packaging, sneakers, luggage, home improvement, etc. Various colors.


      Material: Water-based leather surface treatment agent / water-based polyurethane resin

      Base fabric: imitation cotton (polyester fiber)

      Thickness: 0.8mm

      Features: environmental protection, non-toxic


      Water-based leather/ Water-based synthetic leather does not contain formaldehyde, o-benzenes, azo, DMFa, DMFu, PAHs, APEO, PBA and other (VOC) harmful chemicals. The production process is pollution-free, green and environmentally friendly.

      Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. independently develops and produces water-based polyurethane resin / water-based surface treatment agent, water-based leather, water-based super-fiber synthetic leather, silicone and other products.