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      Waterborne Resin/ leather surface treatment agent

      water-based brightening treatment agent


      KYW-701 water-based brightening treatment agent

      Purpose PU synthetic leather water-based gloss treatment


      Appearance: milky white liquid
      Viscosity: 400-1000
      Solvent: deionized water
      Solid content: 17±2
      Features: Anionic, dry hand feeling, good brightness

      Operate: 80 and 100 mesh hexagonal wheels for 1-2 times, can be used with KY-702 to adjust the haze

      Packing :18 or 120kg/drum


      1. Please stir well before use

      2. Please store in a dark place, the storage period is 3 months

      3. If you need to add color, please test the compatibility of the color material with this product